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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Eternal Light Memorial Gardens is south Florida’s premiere  all Jewish cemetery and has been serving the community for 34 years. We invite you and your family to consider this serene natural setting as a loving tribute to a cherished family member. An air of beauty surrounds our 50 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, stately trees and shimmering lake which all add to a setting of unforgettable serenity. Eternal Light offers the timeless serenity of our unique mausoleum and chapel design, the ultimate expression of caring and respect. This elegant structure, set amidst beautiful gardens and enhanced by a surrounding lake, reflects tranquility and permanence. Built for the ages, each structure combines artistic design with complete and lasting protection from the elements. A truly eternal memorial for your family.

Consider the wisdom of pre-planning and benefit from substantial pre-need savings with affordable-no interest terms. Advantages include: Freedom of choice, Family participation and above all, Peace of mind. At Eternal Light we offer traditional ground burial with a choice of either flush or upright-monument granite memorials. There are many beautiful and convenient lakeside, roadside, path side, bench and tree locations available. Our Chapel Mausoleum offers true companion or side-by-side crypts.

We can take care of all your funeral needs at  one convenient location. Complete and affordable pre-need packages are available so you can protect your family at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Our Valued Staff

Darren  Shapiro

Darren Shapiro, General Manager

Mr. Darren Shapiro relocated to South Florida from Detroit/Bloomfield Hills Michigan in 2005 to Join Levitt-Weinstein Memorial Chapels and Beth David. Soon after, The Levitt Group joined Palm Beach Memorial, Beth Israel Memorial Chapels and Eternal Light Memorial Gardens where Mr. Shapiro serves as Regional General Manager. Shapiro lives in Boca Raton where he is very active in the local community.

Mark  Beyo

Mark Beyo, Areas Sales Director & Sales Manager

Philip Wishna

Philip Wishna, Areas Sales Director & Sales Manager

Neil  Levine

Neil Levine, Sales Manager

Kenneth Kay

Kenneth Kay, Chapel Manager & Funeral Director

Kenneth Kay is the manager of Beth Israel Memorial Chapel’s Boynton chapel and has been involved with funeral service since 1968. After working summers for a leading Jewish funeral home in Miami Beach while attending the University of South Florida, Ken took a full time position after graduation with a degree in Political Science. While honing his skills as a funeral professional, he attained a mortuary science degree and obtained his Florida Funeral Director license. Sixteen years later Ken left his position as Vice President and went on to own and operate his own funeral home, Eternal Light Funeral Directors, in North Miami Beach.

After sixteen successful years at the helm of his own company, he eventually sold that firm and joined Beth Israel Memorial Chapels in the year 2000. He has been with Beth Israel ever since, and was named as the manager of the Boynton location when it opened in 2003. Ken and his well trained team take great satisfaction in bringing comfort to the families they serve and are proud to have Beth Israel recognized as the leading Jewish chapel serving Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas. Ken lives in Boynton with his wife of 34 years and is the father of 2 sons

Edward Rusnak

Edward Rusnak, Chapel Manager & Funeral Director

Christine Schumacher

Christine Schumacher, Cemetery Office Manager

5 years

Thomas Chicano

Thomas Chicano, Superintendent

Eli  Karagoulla

Eli Karagoulla, Assistant Sales Manager

Eli Karagoulla joined Beth Israel Memorial Chapel in the sales department 1 year ago and is a Family Service Counselor.
Eli has been in the funeral industry for 15 years. When we asked what attracted Eli to this field, He said: “I wanted to change my career.”
Eli enjoys reading, swimming and walking.
When asked to give the proudest moment in this profession Eli said: “Every time I protect a family.”

Jack  Lawrence

Jack Lawrence, Assistant Sales Manager

Beverley  Bernstein

Beverley Bernstein, Family Service Counselor

Calvin Kline

Calvin Kline, Family Service Counselor

Helaine Lawrence

Helaine Lawrence, Family Service Counselor

Barry Levine

Barry Levine, Family Service Counselor

Eric Lowenthal

Eric Lowenthal, Family Service Counselor

Janice McAlister

Janice McAlister, Family Service Counselor

Irwin M. Schultz

Irwin M. Schultz, Family Service Counselor

Howard Weidenbaum

Howard Weidenbaum, Family Service Counselor

Carole Miller

Carole Miller, Family Service Counselor

Sam Froman

Sam Froman, Family Service Counselor

Judd Kirschner

Judd Kirschner, Family Service Counselor

James Robert Harrington

James Robert Harrington, Family Service Counselor

Jacqueline Schuller

Jacqueline Schuller, Family Service Counselor

Donna Farbish

Donna Farbish, Community Service Counselor

Larry  Schwartz

Larry Schwartz, Community Service Counselor

Larry Schwartz joined Beth Israel Memorial Chapel in the sales department 5 years ago and is a pre-arrangement counselor. He has been a member of the Kol Tikual congregation in Parkland for 22 years.
Larry was a pre arrangement counselor for 13 years before coming to Beth Israel. When we asked what attracted Larry to this field, He said: “My parents and in-laws made pre-arrangements. I thought it was a terrific idea, believed in it, and felt I could convey that to others.”
Larry is married to Nancy with son, Jonathan, daughter, Jaclyn and son-in-law, Dan and enjoys golf and traveling.
When asked to give the proudest moment in this profession Larry said: “Every time I help a family in any capacity, it is rewarding.”

Marcia Zimmerman

Marcia Zimmerman, Community Service Counselor

Debbie Layne

Debbie Layne, Community Service Counselor

Irene Leffler

Irene Leffler, Community Service Counselor

Susan  Semegram

Susan Semegram, Community Service Counselor

Ed  Dolins

Ed Dolins, Community Service Counselor

I am a Pre-Need Family Service Counselor.

I came out of retirement in 2006 searching for something meaningful to do with my time and have enjoyed the past eight and a half years of working with families.

I have been married for 55 years to a wonderful helpful wife and have 3 successful children and four grandchildren.

I am a thirty second degree mason and have been for fifty five years.

Herbert Roth

Herbert Roth, Community Service Counselor

Kristina Vela

Kristina Vela, Receptionist

Virginia Bongo

Virginia Bongo, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Jaclyn Hamilton

Jaclyn Hamilton, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Cathy Morse

Cathy Morse, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Kim  Riley

Kim Riley, Clerical and Administrative Specialist

4 years

Lydia Brown

Lydia Brown, Detail & Administrative Specialist

Michael  Calin

Michael Calin, Master Engraver

8 Years

Jocelin Darius

Jocelin Darius, Cemetery Caretaker

Gerson Delan

Gerson Delan, Cemetery Caretaker

Jean Dume

Jean Dume, Cemetery Caretaker

Jairo Lugo

Jairo Lugo, Cemetery Caretaker

Andre Momplaisir

Andre Momplaisir, Cemetery Caretaker

Cleovus O'Conner

Cleovus O'Conner, Cemetery Caretaker

Fetil Paraison

Fetil Paraison, Cemetery Caretaker

Fregui Clervil

Fregui Clervil, Cemetery Caretaker

Sylnord Delice

Sylnord Delice, Cemetery Caretaker

Robert Conner

Robert Conner, Cemetery Caretaker

Simon Joseph

Simon Joseph, Cemetery Caretaker