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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

When we first considered moving my dad, it was both exciting and daunting. I knew it was the right thing to do. He belongs here. It was right for him, for my mom and our family. Yet, it seemed impossible. Although he is hear and I have visited him a number of times, I look back and wonder, “how the hxxx did we pull that off?” A big part of that answer is you and your team. I am so grateful for your terrific responsiveness, your caring and professionalism. We could not have asked for a better partner in this very important endeavor. I wish you could have seen my mom at his reburial. Know that you helped make her feel at peace in her life and gave us all an important gift. We thank you VERY much. Very much indeed.

E.M. April 26, 2021

Dear Claire, You are Terrific! Thank you so much for organizing and implementing Zoom for my family in New York for Hal’s unveiling. Your expertise and kindness is very much appreciated. It really meant a lot to me during such a difficult time. Most Sincerely B.S.

B.S. December 21, 2020

Claire, Mark Beyo, Beverly Bernstein and all the Staff at Eternal Light Memorial Gardens Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy at a very sad time in my life after the passing of my brother Brian. Mark’s words of support and caring gave me comfort that the funeral arrangements would be taken care of and Mark was there for me when needed. Beverly showed enormous patience and compassion as I struggled to find the right grave site and engraving for my brother’s gravestone. Thank you to all the staff for their assistance and support. I look forward to the time when I can safely travel to Florida to have my brother Brian’s engraving and visit with all my family members that are buried at Eternal Light Memorial Gardens Thank you again J.K. and Family

JK & Family November 02, 2020

Thank you for your beautiful note of heartfelt sympathy. Thank you for helping me and my family honor J.'s memory in a loving, delicate simple and beautiful way.


Thank you all for your kind thoughts, support and organizational help.

The family of H.R.

Sincere thanks to Beth Israel and any staff involved in assisting us in arranging our pre-need services. These are very sensitive issues and we were pleased with the manner in which Calvin Kline served us, ad described the step-by-step procedure. This knowledge and experience was more than helpful. He took us step by step through the process and was more than willing to answer all of our questions and the process involved. He carefully explained and re-explained (if necessary) our personal questions regarding the preparations and transfers to Wllwao Cemetery. He is the perfect gentleman and eased many of our anxieties regarding our children's handling the preparations and transfer as needed if necessary. Our sincerest thanks to Calvin for his patience and guidance. Sincerely,

The S. Family

Dear Eli - On Wednesday August 13th, i visited my husband's, R.S. grave to see the foot stone marker that was placed there. I rode in a golf cart driven by Beverly Bernstein. She was so helpful that I am happy to write this not to you to let you know of her help and kindness so I was able to put flowers on my dear husband R.'s grave and on my mother, H's grave as well.


Dear Mr. Shapiro and the staff and Eternal Light - My family and I thank you for your caring help when my husband, S.E., father and grandfather to our daughters and grandchildren passed away on July 15 and was buried on July 18. We all are forever grateful.


Dear Mr. Shapiro - I wish to thank you for the most efficient and dignified handling of my mothers ( I.K.) service last Sunday. I greatly appreciate your help.


Dear Eternal Light Staff, My family and I wish to thank you for making it so easy and comfortable for us when putting my mother, S. , to rest.


My mom Sara is now with my father Sidney. They both had prearrangements, which was a gift to me and my sisters. Thank you all for your kidness and professionalism. My mom’s funeral was 2/21 and Rabbi Labowitz officiated. It was a Zoom Funeral and other than a very windy day, all went well considering. My mother had a long life (97 years young) and was beautiful to the end. My mom is at peace and so are we… and yes, your employees did help ease the pain at this sad time.

M.H. March 08, 2021

Lori. Thank you is an understatement Moms funeral was perfect magnificent setting beautiful casket amazing funeral team and rabbi and wonderful timing. We send you love and thanks. you made it happen with empathy warmth and efficiency. Deepest gratitude to you and The Eternal Light Beth Israel team

R & C Rotholz

Thank you to Beverly and Michael for going above and beyond. We appreciate it very much.

Sacks family April 28, 2020

Dear Darren - With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks. Thank you for your kindness.


Dear Mr. Wishna, I want to thank you for having such a caring man as Calvin Kline working for you. Calvin was sensitive to my needs in such a stressful time. He made the whole experience so much easier for me. Sincerely,


Just wanted to reach out to Darren Shapiro, General Manager, and share with him our wonderful experience with one of your pre-need counselors, Irene Leffler. Irene led us through the very difficult task of arranging our pre-need services in a very professional and informative manner. All our questions were answered with clarity, interjecting her professional advice when appropriate. She made this very difficult experience, almost pleasurable. We walked away feeling we accomplished something that was necessary. Thank you for having people like Irene to help us through this very difficult process

H&S B.

Dear Mr. Shapiro - We wanted to express our gratitude for assisting the family when both K. and P. passed this year. You were all so helpful during very confusing times. Dad wanted to live to 99 and he did - no walker, no cane and with his own teeth!

P, L & N.

Eternal Light Memorial Gardens, Thank you very much for the entombment of my mother-in-law, V.R. The gardens are beautiful with serenity and dignity present. I am very grateful my in-laws chose Eternal Light as a place for eternal rest.


Dear Mr. Shapiro, Thank you for helping me with the G. ceremony. The donation of the burial plot was very generous and the location was awesome. I am very glad you were part of my Mitzuah project.